Keeping COVID-19 out of the workplace – does your current cleaning regime need to change?

As New Zealand looks to be suspended between different alert levels, and, as it’s getting more likely that we will soon have to live with COVID-19, what should your business be doing to decrease the risk of transmission on site and keep employees and clients well?

In this case, knowledge really is power. Here are some tips to help you keep informed with what your business should be doing while still living in a COVID-19 environment.


1. Increase the frequency and coverage of your cleaning efforts


Last year, the big focus throughout the pandemic became around hygiene. This is arguably even more important now as the Delta variant proves highly infectious.

So, with the main objective to ensure your employees have a healthy space to work in and your clients have a healthy space to visit, increasing the frequency of cleaning at your premises is a great idea. It will not only keep things healthy and safe, but it will also provide peace of mind to those in your business.

Increasing the cleaning of touchpoints within your business will also be helpful in reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Identifying the critical touch points that require additional disinfection should be a key focus.


2. Evaluate your cleaning systems and products


Tweaking your cleaning regime and having some basic controls in place can make a big difference when it comes to how healthy your workplace is.

As we head down alert levels, start thinking about what your business can do better and be stricter on. In particular, it might pay to reconsider the products you’re using. Cleaning products and disinfectants from the supermarket are unfortunately not adequate at killing bacteria. Not only that, but they can be overpriced, and are not always environmentally friendly.

It is a largely unregulated industry, so just because it’s on the supermarket shelf doesn’t mean it has been tested. At Cleantastic, we recommend purchasing proper commercial grade product. It is far more effective, you get far more product, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

In terms of your systems, having different coloured cloths for different areas is an easy way to avoid cross-contamination. For example, you might have a green cloth which is just for the kitchen, and a red cloth that might be for the bathroom.


3. Get team buy-in


Delegating cleaning duties and getting your employees to buy-in to your new cleaning regime is an important part of ensuring your workplace not only stays healthy, but ensures less sick days, and improved employee wellbeing.

Prioritising a clean space gives your employees and clients peace of mind, and they’re more likely to feel valued and be more productive. It speaks to the culture of your brand, and it means less sick days in general. This all has a direct economic benefit to your business.

At Cleantastic, we’ve been working with many businesses New Zealand wide to help them keep healthy and clean workspaces as they navigate COVID-19, and we’ve been putting the right plans and solutions in place.

Overall, the main thing to keep in mind is communication. Our franchisees care about providing the best solution for you, your staff and your customers, and we continue to communicate with you as your needs naturally change.

If there’s anything more we can help you with, please give us a call on: 0800 800 055



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