Healthy Cleaning Solutions

Healthy Cleaning Solutions to Prepare Your Business for the Flu Season

Healthy Cleaning Solutions to Prepare Your Business for the Flu Season 


We’re never quite ready for cold and flu season, but this year, we can tackle the tough times head-on with the right healthy cleaning solutions.  

While many employees get the flu vaccine, that doesn’t mean they are fully protected from every strain out there. Everyone falls victim to sickness once or twice a year.  

We’ve had great practice from COVID around personal hygiene. It wasn’t long ago that we sanitised when entering every building, wore face masks for hours and kept a 1-meter distance from other human beings.  

Luckily, there is no longer a need to be that extreme. We’re over the worst. However, many of us are beginning to let hygiene standards slip now that COVID is over. Almost like we’ve been lured into a false sense of security. Let’s be wary that another beast is waiting for us in the coming months – the flu. 

For business owners, staff catching the flu is nothing but a headache. So, let’s look at some healthy cleaning solutions to keep the flu out of our offices.  


Why Healthy Cleaning Solutions Matter 


Every year, New Zealand workers miss around 10 million working days. If you’re a business owner, this is something that should make you cringe.  

Impacts of Sickness Absence: 

Every day your valuable staff are away is a day lost for meeting client deadlines or a day lost for making more sales.  

  • Finding Cover 

Often, business owners will find themselves scrambling to find someone to cover their sick staff. This could mean distracting other employees by asking them to cover for your sick staff or hiring temporary cover. All of which are time consuming.  

  • Poor Morale 

Employees left to cover the workload of their sick colleagues may experience poor morale. Beyond that, when members of a tight-knit team are missing, it can be hard for a team to operate in full spirits.  

H2: How to Keep Your Office Healthy 

A lot of these tips may trigger some bad memories from the COVID era. Fair enough. But these tips will help ensure your staff are kept healthy and ready to roll up their sleeves. 

  • Prioritise Handwashing 

One of the most common ways germs spread is through our fingertips. We touch an infected surface and then touch our faces, literally bringing those germs to their next stop. By washing our hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap, we can eliminate these germs in Uber rides and stop the flu from spreading throughout the workplace.  

To encourage handwashing, put up signs in restrooms and kitchens to remind employees to wash their hands, add more sanitiser bottles around the office and make sure sinks are well-stocked with soap.  

  • Clean Communal Surfaces 

The snack table and kitchen are workers’ favourite places to flock to. But those sneaky chocolate breaks can be deadly if we don’t clean those surfaces. These surfaces and any other communal areas should be regularly cleaned with anti-bacterial spray or wipes to kill those germs before they get the chance to cause chaos.  

  • Educate and Inform 

The best way to keep the office safe is to get everyone on board with your healthy cleaning solutions. Go a step further than the simple reminders. Have a team meeting about your desire to keep the office safe and healthy, and put up posters around the office to constantly remind your team.  


Get Cleantastic on Board 


Cleaning the office can be a big distraction for your employees and yourself. It can be difficult to clean your office deeply during a working day, too. That’s where we can help.  

Delegate your office cleaning to us, and we will hunt down those pesky germs hiding in every nook and cranny. Not only will this save you time, but you’ll give your office the deep clean of a lifetime, keeping your valuable staff safe throughout the nasty flu season. 

Contact us today to find out more.  

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