How a Clean Office Can Improve Productivity

As any busy business will know, stuff piles up. It can start small, like a pile of miscellaneous papers—however, it’s easy for that little pile to grow into a mound. And one collection of mess can invite more mess, spreading into other areas of the office, kitchen, and bathroom.

Currently, many businesses are undergoing a transition period of staff returning from working from home life back to regular in-office work. This transition can be managed, which means that now more than ever, you can influence the way staff feel in their working environments.

Entering a tidy office space can have positive impact on how productive employees feel.


Increased concentration


Clutter can be distracting. If your office or workspace is disorganised and cluttered, employees will notice. Conversely, if the workspace is fresh and neat, it’s a much more motivating environment to work in.

By keeping your office clean and tidy, you eliminate distractions and increase concentration. In addition, ensuring your space is regularly maintained will create a more pleasant environment for staff to work in, make finding your stationery easier, increasing productivity and encouraging better quality of work.


Saves time


Develop organisation systems for each space in your office (i.e. kitchen, bathroom storage, office supply storage, etc.). Make sure you introduce everyone to the system and get them familiarised with it. An office is a shared group space, so it’s important to get everyone on board with your organising systems so that they stay just that—organised.

With everything in its proper place, there’s no wasted downtime searching for where you keep printer paper, and employees can maximise their work times.


Boosts morale


Even though some people might not like to admit it, we spend most of our time in the office. That being said, the amount of time we spend in this space further enforces why it needs to be clean.

Tidy offices make employees feel energized and less inclined to stress, increasing motivation and work output. If you take the time to ensure your workspace is clean, this will create a good impression amongst staff.

As an employer, if you are seen to be putting in the effort to keep your staff’s working environment clean, you will also encourage them to keep their own desks and workspaces clean.


Cleantastic provides a full office cleaning service, along with a customisable cleaning programme developed to fit your space’s needs. Get in touch with one of our experts to talk about how we can help improve your office’s productivity.


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