Office Cleaning Hacks

Office Cleaning Hacks for the Holiday Season

Deck the halls, trim the tree and prepare for that office Christmas party. Before you indulge in all the holiday festivities, there’s just one little task that needs to be tackled… cleaning. 

These holiday cleaning hacks will keep your office sparkling clean during the festive season and ready to welcome back your team in the New Year.  


The Office Christmas Party Mess 

Picture this: the last stragglers of your office Christmas bash exit, leaving behind a trail of confetti, half-eaten Christmas mince pies, and enough spilt eggnog to start a small pond. Not exactly the White Christmas you were dreaming of, huh? 

To avoid the despair of heavy cleaning after the party, ensure that rubbish bins are accessible and clean up those eggnog spills immediately to avoid them drying up and becoming harder to remove.  


Tackle the Kitchen After Every Christmas Meal 

While those Christmas mince pies spread joy and cheer, they also tend to leave behind a trail of dirty dishes. Don’t let dirty dishes and pans pile up in the sink. Wash them as you go or load them into the dishwasher to avoid a huge mess later.  


Give Those Germs a Jolly Eviction Notice 

Frequently disinfect communal areas like the kitchen, break rooms, and meeting spaces. Include those often forgotten spots like light switches, doorknobs and water dispensers.  

Make it a routine by placing disinfectant wipes or sprays in accessible areas.  


Clean Before the Break 

Returning to a cluttered office can suppress the New Year’s energy. Not only will this affect productivity, but it can also affect employee mental health. 

A disorganised workplace can induce stress and anxiety, while a clean office boosts morale, which contributes to a positive and high-energy workplace.  

Cleaning before the holidays can also provide an opportunity to declutter and discard unnecessary items, freeing up space for new junk in the New Year.  


Delegate the Holiday Hustle to Our Expert Elves 

The chore of cleaning can sometimes dampen the festive spirit of the holiday season. Free up your time to share those special moments with your colleagues by hiring a professional cleaning company like Cleantastic.  

Try out our high-quality cleaning services and spare yourself the headache of cleaning up the office Christmas party.  

Get in touch to see how we can help this festive season.  

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