6 Often Forgotten Office Spots That Need Cleaning

A clean office is essential to every successful business. Not only is it a fundamental health and safety requirement, but it is also creates an environment where employees can get on with working hard and achieving goals.

However, cleaning is often left as an afterthought for many businesses, and certain spots in the office may miss a clean – especially if your employees are solely responsible for the cleaning (which we would not recommend).

So, what are these often-forgotten secret spots where dirt and bacteria like to hide?


1. The underside of chairs

The underside of chairs often falls into that out of sight, out of mind category.

However, you must give the underside of office chairs a regular clean, as they often build up with dust and dirt.

Just like with touching your face, you would be surprised at the number of times employees touch the underside of chairs. Examples include employees repositioning their chairs, leaning back, or adjusting the chair height.

Therefore, cleaning the underside of chairs is necessary to cut down the transmission of dust and bacteria in this area.

Plus, it is a great way to work out if any of your employees have a nasty habit of sticking gum to the underside of their chair (eek)!


2. Computers

Despite being one of the first and last things we see in the office every single day, computers are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning!

It is essential you regularly clean computer monitors and keyboards (make sure you get into all the crevices and cracks). Also, it would help if you moved around your computer to clean every surface of every screen and the surrounding area (which is often forgotten).

Not only will these steps keep your office clean, but they could also potentially prevent pesky computer problems!


3. Microwaves

Ah, the dreaded microwave! It is not surprising that this kitchen appliance is on our list. However, it is less common that the microwave has been forgotten about, and more likely that no one wants to volunteer to clean it.

Microwaves can be a huge breeding ground for bacteria when not cleaned regularly. Splatters and spills are often ignored and can build up and spread disease, plus this can create some very nasty odours!

To avoid fights over who’s turn it is to clean the microwave, or completely neglecting it, a good idea is to get a professional cleaning company to manage your office clean for you.


4. Curtains and Blinds

You may clean your windows regularly (we’d hope) but do you periodically clean your curtains and blinds?

Blinds can be time-consuming to clean, and in an office with an employee cleaning policy, it seems like it is no one’s responsibility to clean them.

However, this is an important job because blinds and curtains collect dust and dirt quickly, and every time they move, they will be transferring this around the office.


5. Telephones

Like computers, telephones are often neglected when it comes to cleaning. But they must have a regular clean down (plus the surrounding area) to avoid a build-up of dust and bacteria.


6. Lights

Who would ever think of cleaning lights? The Cleantastic Cleaners team would!

It is common in offices to use fluorescent light strips, and the outer casings can quickly build up with dust and even trap insects!

Without a regular clean, these lights could dim. So, cleaning will make the lights shine more brightly, which could increase productivity in your workplace.

If you would rather not have to worry about cleaning these often forgotten (or ignored) office spots, then a professional cleaning company will be able to help you out. We would recommend a thorough cleaning at least once a week to make the work environment an enjoyable space to work in.

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