Your Office Winter Cleaning Checklist

Now that winter has hit, it’s more important than ever to keep your office clean and healthy.

Winter is the time of flu and achoos, so if you’re not cleaning your office regularly, this may lead to more workers being off sick and spreading illnesses around your office, which is not productive for you or your business!

So, what steps do you need to take to keep your office as clean and your employees as healthy as possible?


Disinfect spaces

An easy way to keep office spaces clean and workers healthy is to disinfect communal areas after using them. In this way, if employees have a cold, you reduce the spread of bugs that could make other workers sick.

Disinfecting spaces is especially important for meeting rooms, bathrooms, lunchrooms, and kitchens, as these are commonly used and shared spaces. A great tip is to note down any of the commonly used areas in your office and prioritise them on your cleaning roster.


Clean the air

It would be best to keep your furniture polish, dusting cloths, and dusters close at hand this winter.

There is usually less airflow in the winter, so germs and pollutants become trapped inside. These little nasties will circulate through the air you are breathing. Therefore, you should aim to dust and vacuum your office as often as possible.

You should also regularly clean the air ducts in your workplace, as the heat pump will bring in dust particles and germs.

Another tip is to replace your air filter with a more effective one that can remove bacteria floating around in the air. This additional step will lead to a cleaner office with a reduced likelihood of spreading disease.

Humidifiers are also a welcome addition to any office. They release water vapour or steam, which increases moisture levels in the air (humidity) and can help ease some cold symptoms.



Winter is a fantastic time to get your carpet and floors cleaned professionally. Cleaning your floors will remove trapped dust and dirt particles and remove allergens in the carpet fibres.

Make sure you are keeping your floors dry this winter to avoid mould growth. This step will require extra attention, as employees will regularly be walking out of the office into the wet and cold on their breaks.


How often should your office be cleaned during the winter months?

Your office should be cleaned more regularly during the winter months to avoid illnesses circulating around the office. If you have a medium-sized office (20ish people), we recommend two or three cleans a week.

Whereas, if you are a large office (20+ people), you should be cleaning your office every day to keep your employees healthy and safe.

As for a deep clean, we would recommend conducting this at least once a year (but preferably more often than this).

Cleantastic Commercial Cleaners offer all the services you need to keep your office clean and your workers safe and healthy. Book our professional crew today to regularly clean your office.

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