Office on the move? Here are our tips for a clean transition

Found a space that better suits your team? Or have you grown out of your office space entirely? Maybe your lease has simply come to an end and you’ve decided it’s time to make a move.

Whatever the reason, moving out of an office space takes a lot of work.

The logistics required to move an office from one space to another is no small task. Not to mention the additional admin of keeping all your customers, providers and partners in the loop with your move and new location.

Businesses can get swept up with moving in and it’s easy to forget about moving out. That’s where Cleantastic’s full-service office cleaning comes in.

Why is an end-of-lease office clean important?
When you move into a new space, you enter into a lease agreement with the owner of the building – your landlord. In the agreement, there will likely be stipulations regarding expectations on the condition and care of the space.

If any damage or mess is left behind when you leave, you risk losing all or part of your bond or security deposit.

On top of that, it’s just good business. If you leave behind a mess and don’t end up on good terms with your current landlord, they will be less likely to give other future landlords a good reference and you may miss out on your next great space.

When you use a professional commercial cleaning service like Cleantastic, you can worry about what really matters, like making sure all the furniture arrives in one piece and securing the office with the view.

How should I prepare for a move-out clean?

Have all your repairs done:
Get all your repairs out of the way first. That way, if the contractors make more mess, you won’t require any additional cleaning.

Remove as much furniture as possible:
Just like at home, furniture tends to get in the way of a thorough clean, so the more you can get out of the way, the better the clean can be.

Remove everything else!
Again, the less you leave in the office before the deep clean commences, the more thorough the clean can be. Pro tip: When packing, take the time to label boxes properly. It will save you a lot of time at the other end.

While it’s up to you to ensure everything is out of the office, Cleantastic will inform you of anything you might have left behind.

How Cleantastic can help you with your move:
We appreciate that different offices have different needs. Therefore, we provide customised cleaning for offices big or small, to ensure your needs and budget are met.
We go above and beyond for our customers, but you can also count on Cleantastic to provide all the typical services of an office clean, such as:

• Window washing
• Carpet care
• Kitchen surface wipe downs
• Bathroom and toilet sanitisations
• Dusting/ clearing cobwebs
• Floor and hard surface cleaning

We also appreciate that many businesses deal with confidential documents and information, so we promise security and confidentiality at every step.

When you use Cleantastic’s commercial cleaning services you can focus on the next big thing and leave the stress of moving out in your old offices. Plus when you use a professional cleaner you’re much more likely to see that bond back in your bank balance.

Cleantastic offers complete workspace cleaning services customised to meet your space’s unique needs. Get in touch with us to see the cleaning solutions we can bring to your office.

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