A Guide to Using Cleaning Chemicals Safely

Many of us use cleaning chemicals daily without knowing the correct way to use or store them. This is dangerous because certain cleaning chemicals may be flammable or corrosive and can result in eye damage, skin allergies, asthma, cancer, and more.

This blog will explore ways you and your employees can stay safe before, during, and after using cleaning chemicals.

Before use

Firstly, you should read the product’s label and check the expiry date. If the product has expired, you should dispose of it as per the label instructions. Next, cover yourself up with goggles, gloves, and long-sleeved tops and trousers if you are using heavy-duty cleaners and sprays. Make sure you open the doors and windows to ventilate the room.

During use

Follow these rules while using chemicals to keep yourself and your employees safe.

• Always use the correct amount of product as per the label
• All chemicals must be correctly labelled when dispensed into a different container
• Only use chemicals for what they are specified for
• Never mix chemicals unless instructed by the label
• Never leave chemicals unattended and keep them out of sight and reach of any pets or children who may visit

After use

Make sure that you clean up any spills once you have finished using the chemicals. Then close the lid tightly so it can’t leak and put away the product immediately.


Before you store your cleaning chemicals, you should check the label for storage instructions, such as keeping the product in a cold, dry space or storing it away from other chemicals. If there are no instructions, you should store your cleaning chemicals up high in a well-ventilated cupboard and lock it.

Ensure you keep your chemicals away from office pets, water, food, and other products. You should also keep chemicals away from hot areas and anything flammable.

The product should remain in its original packaging because chemicals may react to new packaging. Also, if it is transferred to food or drink packaging, it could be mistaken for food.


Firstly, check the label to see whether you can dispose of the chemical in your rubbish bin or if it needs to be taken to the landfill/ disposed of in a managed way. If unsure, you can ring your local council or check the Consumer NZ guide to see which chemicals your council will accept and where to take them.

You should never put flammable products in your rubbish bin or pour them down the drain because this can harm people’s health and the environment. It would be best if you also aimed only to buy the necessary chemicals, so you don’t have to store or dispose of large quantities of chemicals.


If you would rather leave using cleaning chemicals to the professionals, then Cleantastic can help. We’ve been cleaning New Zealand workspaces for over 30 years, and our cleaners are fully trained and experienced in using cleaning chemicals.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about buying and storing harmful chemicals because we use our own gear!

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