How a Clean Office Can Improve Your Mental Health

The mental health and well-being of your employees is just as important as generating sales and is fundamentally key in making those sales happen. Happy minds can produce better work, take less time when completing tasks, communicate better, and foster better relationships.

One way to improve your employees’ mental health is by maintaining a clean office.

Improved concentration

Our brains like order, so messy and unhygienic spaces can drain our cognitive resources, create distractions, and make us more likely to procrastinate.

Employing cleaners to empty bins and clean communal areas will give your employees less to worry about, help keep the energy levels up, and increase concentration.

Increased productivity

A clean and tidy office is a more enjoyable work environment, which may make employees want to spend more time there. This leads to more work produced and to a better quality.

Better work

A messy office shows employees that you don’t care about their health and well-being, so they are more likely to be stressed and overwhelmed and less likely to produce good-quality work.

Less time spent off work sick

Unclean spaces are a breeding ground for bugs and germs that can spread around the office and make people physically sick, affecting their mental health.

There is a link between bad mental health and an increased likelihood of physical sickness, so an unclean space can make employees stressed and more likely to become sick.

A sense of control

When an employee’s workplace is clean and tidy, this can help them feel in control of their surroundings and workplace. Plus, storing and finding things is more manageable, leading to less frustration and anxiety.

Better mood

It’s no secret that staring at ugly things – like office mess, can make people feel sad and anxious, and no one (except a cleaner) produces excellent work in these conditions.

Clean offices are more likely to lift people’s spirits so they can produce better work and come up with more creative solutions. Plus, employees are more likely to feel good when your workplace smells nice too!


If you would prefer to leave cleaning your business to the professionals, then Cleantastic can help. We’ve been cleaning New Zealand offices for over 30 years, and our cleaners are thoroughly trained and experienced.

You can count on Cleantastic to provide all the usual services of an office clean, such as:

  • Window washing
  • Carpet care
  • Removing rubbish
  • Kitchen surface wipe downs
  • Bathroom and toilet sanitisations
  • Dusting/ clearing cobwebs
  • Floor and hard surface cleaning

To get your office looking spick and span and improve your employee’s health, call Cleantastic Commercial Cleaners today: 0800 800 055.

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