6 Ideas for a Green Office Cleaning Routine

Every business needs a clean – but not every business is cleaning green.

Cleaning products are a significant source of urban pollution and can also be unsafe for your employees and the wider community.

Adopting a green cleaning routine for your business will not only make the workspace safer for your employees but also create less pollution and waste for the surrounding environment.

1. Use eco-friendly cleaning products whenever possible

Look out for cleaning products at the supermarket that are non-toxic, biodegradable, or made from renewable products.

You could even make your own eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner with vinegar or baking soda. Or, if a cleaning company does your cleaning, then make sure to ask them if they can use environmentally friendly products when cleaning your office.

2. Open your windows

Opening your windows is a great way to ventilate your workspace and let out nasties like pollen, dust, and mould, which can flair up employees’ allergies, hay fever, and asthma.

Aim to open windows daily to improve airflow, stop mould from growing, and bring in some healthy air. Plus, the fresh smell is always a bonus!

3. Use reusable cloths, brushes, and sponges

Instead of opting for disposable paper towels or sponges, try reusable cleaning cloths, bristle brushes or compostable sponges. These will last much longer, costing you less money and making less waste for the planet.

4. Ditch air fresheners

Although they may smell pleasant, many air fresheners contain additives that can reduce the air quality in your workplace. Instead of store-bought, opt for something more natural. Boiling cinnamon, cloves, or any other fruit/flowers/herbs that you enjoy the smell of will create a natural air freshener that is safe and healthy.

5. Utilise baking soda

This pantry staple is a super cleaning tool! Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, let sit, and then vacuum it up to remove foul odours. You can also add baking soda to vinegar to make a fizzing toilet bowl cleaner.

6. Adopt office plants

Not only are office plants adorable, and collecting them addictive, but they have many benefits. Some of these benefits include boosting your employee’s moods, and certain plants can also improve air quality by breathing in toxins and breathing out fresh oxygen for you and your employees. Some oxygen-producing super plants include pothos, peace lily, areca palm, snake plant, and weeping fig.


Implementing a green office cleaning routine is a great way to reduce your and your employees’ carbon footprints and keep you all from the impact of nasty chemicals. All this requires is careful planning.

But if you would rather leave the cleaning to the professionals, don’t stress! Our talented team can provide environmentally friendly cleaning services for your office.

We have developed a range of Cleantastic chemicals that are environmentally friendly, carry the Environmental Choice NZ tick of approval, and are NZ Food Safety Authority approved. They are also colour-coded to support our cross-contamination controls.

Contact us about our office cleaning services today: cleantastic.co.nz

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