Why Regular Workplace Cleaning Should Be a Top Priority

Why Regular Workplace Cleaning Should Be a Top Priority

With looming deadlines and all manner of things to spend money on, cleaning is often forgotten by busy businesses. 

But this is a BIG mistake.  

Cleaning is crucial for your business and employees for many reasons, including reducing stress, getting rid of what you don’t need, keeping your employees healthy, reducing allergies, and keeping bugs and rodents away. 

Reducing stress

When your workplace is cluttered, dirty, and smelly, it can make people feel sad and anxious, and employees don’t produce good work when they are in a bad headspace. 

There is also a link between bad mental health and physical sickness, so an unclean space can make employees stressed, and if they are stressed, they are more likely to become sick. 

A clean office can lift people’s spirits, allowing them to produce better work and develop creative solutions to problems. 

Get rid of what you don’t need

Another benefit of cleaning is getting rid of all that excess paper and rubbish you don’t need anymore. 

An uncluttered workspace will make finding things more manageable, allowing employees to be more productive. 

Keep your employees healthy

Office employees touch everything, so a dirty workplace is more likely to spread sickness and disease. Regular office cleaning will reduce the spread by sanitising surfaces.  

This means your workers will spend less time off sick, and your office will be more productive. 

Reduce allergies

A dirty office will contain dust and dirt that can cause allergic reactions and induce hay fever. 

Regularly dusting around the office and cleaning out air vents, then vacuuming, will remove stubborn dust and dirt, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. 

Keeping bugs and rodents away

The messier your office is, the more likely it will attract bugs and rodents.  

This is bad news for your business because rodents can spread diseases to humans, leave droppings and pee, start fires by chewing on cables, and cause computer malfunctions by gnawing through wires. 

Regular office cleaning will remove all the rubbish, food scraps, and bad smells that will invite these creatures into your workplace.  


Put your employees first by prioritising cleaning in your workplace. This will also positively impact your business by increasing productivity and creating a great first impression for potential clients.  

If you want to leave the cleaning to the professionals, then our talented team can provide environmentally friendly cleaning services for your office. 

We won the Business to Business Franchise System of the Year Award at the 2022 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards, so you can rest easy knowing our franchisees will do an incredible job cleaning your business. 


Contact us about our office cleaning services today: cleantastic.co.nz 

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